Software Engineering Consultants, Inc., (SECI) has developed, under contract, software development policies, standards, and procedures for various clients. These activities have been geared toward helping the client perform software development (1) in a commercial environment, (2) in compliance with ISO standards, or (3) in compliance with other standards or process improvement models (for example, the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) developed by the Software Engineering Institute (SEI)). The product of these efforts have been the following:

Standards Manuals
The various software development standards manual efforts have been in process since the end of August, 1984. These manuals have been developed for a wide range of application types, such as process control software, MIS applications, and scientific models.

The knowledge which went into the development of these software development standards manuals, and the feedback which has resulted from their use can be tailored by SECI to specific applications for other clients. The basic concepts underlying the policies, standards, and procedures are equally applicable to both commercial and defense applications.

SECI has a demonstrated capability in producing standards and procedures for software development organizations operating in the regulated industries. SECI’s clients include organizations in the pharmaceuticals and commercial aircraft industries, where standards and procedures must comply with rigorous government and commercial standards.

For those clients requiring manuals which comply with Department of Defense standards, SECI is in a unique position. Dr. Emanuel R. Baker of our staff was responsible for the development of a Defense Department standard for software quality during the initial years of that effort. He also worked very closely, in performing this work, with the developers of a Defense Department software development standard. He has intimate knowledge of the government’s requirements and has been able to translate them into implementable, workable standards and procedures. Accordingly, defense industry clients will be prepared with a full capability to comply with such standards.

In summary, we have the capability to develop a manual for you in a minimum of time, allowing you to come on line with a complete system of procedures faster than would be possible were such a system to be developed in-house from the beginning -- and at a lower overall cost. And the final product would be uniquely yours: tailored to your own needs and integrated into the software development environment that already exists or is being developed in your own company.

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