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As the process of developing and maintaining systems and software becomes more and more of a discipline, and less of an art, process standardization becomes more of a necessity. Development, test, configuration management, and quality assurance methodologies need to be better codified within the organization. Tools, standards, and procedures to implement the methodologies become more prevalent. But, if they are not put into practice effectively, there is a danger that they will become shelfware, and the process will deteriorate. As a consequence, training in the various aspects of the engineering processes becomes more necessary.

Often, organizations choose not to do their own systems or software development, or to directly perform other work within their scope of activity. They prefer to outsource the work to another organization, either an outside contractor or a different functional entity within their total organizational structure. Consequently, the need to effectively and efficiently define the requirements for the procurement, perform the solicitation, and manage the resultant contract becomes very critical.

Other organizations are primarily service providers, such as call centers, mortgage brokers, or public transportation companies. Such companies succeed or fail on the basis of how effectively the services are delivered and how the quality of the service is perceived by their customers. The need to effectively plan the service, deliver it, ensure its continuity in unusual circumstances, and prevent incidents from disrupting the service becomes paramount.

Software Engineering Consultants, Inc., (SECI) personnel have extensive experience in performing the training necessary to manage systems and software development, acquisition, and services development and delivery processes. We perform training in systems and software engineering disciplines, and we train our clients in implementing the specific deliverables we develop for them, such as in the implementation of the delivered standards and procedures. Through our affiliation with Process Strategies, Inc., we perform training in the CMMI for Development, Acquisition, and Services. Our personnel have conducted public seminars, and have performed in-house training for various clients in Software Quality Management, Systems and Software Process Improvement, Software Engineering and Development Management, Process Quality Management, and Risk Management. The public seminars have been conducted in the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Canada, Italy, Sweden, Germany, England, and Israel. We have conducted in-house training for clients in the U.S, Canada, Australia, and Israel.

Our in-house training programs combine both lectures and workshops to ensure that the attendee receives actual hands-on experience in implementing the principles stated during the lectures. This technique has been proven to be a very effective method for optimizing the learning experience, enabling the student to more effectively apply the information taught in the training sessions.

SECI training personnel have had extensive experience in managing and consulting in systems and software development, acquisition, services, test, configuration management, and quality assurance activities. The practical experience base ensures that the training program reflects not only what should be done, but what can actually be achieved in the real world.

The table below lists the courses currently available through SECI.

Implementing a Software Quality Program

Software Development: The User's Perspective

Quality in Software Engineering

Introduction to the CMMI for Development

Introduction to the CMMI for Acquisition

Introduction to the CMMI for Services

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